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Bali Wedding Customs

Bali Wedding Customs

Wenjia Li

Nowadays Bali has become a very popular tourist spot in the world due to its unique geographical location and beautiful natural scenery. In fact, not only traditional Bali has beautiful and charming scenery, but also ancient and mysterious religious belief, which result in mysterious and romantic Balinese wedding customs. Bali's traditional customs about marriage are as gorgeous as their traditional culture and social customs.

According to the history, Bali has been deeply influenced by Indian religious culture, hence most residents who have lived in Bali for a long time are Hindu. With the continuous integration with local cultural customs, a religious culture generates, and is different from traditional Hinduism.

The changes take place in both people's daily social habits and penetrates into traditional customs. In Bali, people extend that love is free and sacred. The couple will be blessed by God and blessed by everyone around if ther are combined out of love.

In the traditional Balinese wedding customs, people will choose to hold the wedding in the church, and usually a priest will be invited to complete a wedding ceremony for them. Relatives and friends will also come together and witnessed the happniess monent. There will be ceremonial signatue such as oaths, exchange of rings, and throwing bouquets that are common in most Western countries. However, in Bali, it's also eccpetable if you choose not to go to church to hold wedding ceremony.

When the wedding announce to start, there will be a very interesting bride-snatching process. The man are preparing to pick up the woman, the woman not be allowed to stay at home, but must hide in a place that has been negotiated in advance. When the bride is found, she also pretends to be unwilling or decline. At that moment, family members and relatives help nothing. This is the so-called marriage by capture. After that, a lot of joy and lively atmosphere are flowing in the entire wedding. After gathering the bride, the groom will say goodbye to his parents, and then a formal wedding ceremony begains. All the relatives and friends are invited to participate in the wedding banquet.



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